How to get the most out of your treatment?

Your active involvement in the therapeutic process can be a powerful contributor to the level of therapeutic effectiveness. Here are some tips on increasing your involvement in therapeutic process, and hence getting the most out of therapy:

  • Choose a therapist that you feel comfortable with.
  • Take time to consider what you would like therapy to help you achieve and discuss these with your therapist.
  • Make a commitment to therapy – do your best not to skip any sessions unless you absolutely have to.
  • Share your thoughts and feelings – You will get the most out of therapy if you are open and honest with your psychologist about your feelings. If you find certain things too difficult to talk about, inform your psychologist of this. You do not have to talk about anything that you do not yet feel ready to discuss, but it would help your psychologist to have some knowledge of those major factors impacting you so that it can be taken into account in the treatment plan tailored for you.
  • Take some time after the session to review and process what was covered in the session and how to act on it. You may find it helpful to take notes during the session, so you can revisit these later on.
  • Do your homework – some sessions will end with your psychologist discussing specific tasks to work on after you leave the therapy room. Your psychologist has carefully formulated these tasks to enhance therapeutic outcome and complement what was covered in the session. Hence in order to make the most out of your treatment, ensure you put an effort into doing the practices suggested. Remember, giving the homework practice a go is what is important, and the outcome is not! So if you ever find a homework practice too challenging, just bring it to the attention of your psychologist and she will take it into account in your treatment plan.

And finally, enjoy the process and allow openness toward positive change!