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At Delasa Psychology we work with adults, children, and adolescents and aim to deliver evidence based, best practice psychological services. We value collaborative partnerships with General Practitioners around patient care and treatment. Written as well as telephone or face to face consultations around patient care are welcomed. Upon the commencement of treatment we provide written feedback to referrers regarding the assessment, treatment and progress of patients.

At Delasa Psychology we do not currently have a waiting list and are able to commence the treatment of your patient shortly after referral. We employ creative measures to ensure continuity of treatment for patients in need of longer term care is sustained. This includes offering therapeutic groups to patients who require additional treatment to the individual therapy sessions for which they are eligible under Medicare.

You can refer patients to our psychologist under the following Medicare schemes:

  • Managed under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan (item 2700, 2701, 2715 or 2717)
  • Managed under psychiatrist assessment and management plan (item 291)
  • An eligible psychiatric or a paediatric service has been provided and claimed

Patients referred by their GP under a Mental Health Care Plan are eligible for a rebate of $83.25 for up to 10 sessions in the calendar year. A review of the Mental Health Care Plan is required after the sixth sessions by the treating GP, whereby up to another 4 sessions can be endorsed. In special circumstances, the treating GP can refer the patient for 6 additional sessions.

If you require further information about The Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative, the following information is provided from the Australian Psychological Society and the Department of Health and Ageing:

When to refer
How to refer
After referring
Information for Patients

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