Mind Wellbeing Workbook

Our Principal Psychologist, Sahba Saberi, is the author of a cutting edge illustrated workbook that’s a must read for anyone who has an interest in their mental health.

Mind Wellbeing is a manual for living a happier, more content and more peaceful life, preventing mental illnesses and achieving more fulfilling connections with others. Think of this book as a ‘how to look after the vehicle of your mind’ manual to teach you to become a mechanic for your own mind. Some of the content covered in this workbook include:

  • Helpful and unhelpful ways of thinking
  • Healthy ways of managing emotions
  • How to feel happier and less anxious
  • How to be kinder to yourself and improve your self esteem
  • How to reverse the impact of problematic past experiences on your current life
  • How to manage tasks and better organise your life
  • How to improve your communication and have healthier relationships

Mind Wellbeing is also offered in the form of facilitated workshops. Visit the following link for different ways to purchase the book.